Lesson 0 – How to use this site



Welcome to Biochemistry Literacy for Kids! This is a mock lesson that contains information about how to use the instructional materials.

To the left, you will find the Presentation Window. These do NOT have narration—they are intended for students to review the material after watching the video narrations, or for classroom teachers to present the slides in front of the class themselves. If you would like to skip slides, hover your cursor over the left side of this window to bring up the slide thumbnails. In this lesson, and in all other lessons, the Presentation Window contains the same information as appears in the Video Narration.

Below, you will find the Video Narration Link, which is a fully narrated version of the lesson. This is what most homeschool students watch to engage in the curriculum. The videos are currently hosted on YouTube, but are unlisted. Please do not share these links. In addition to the video narration link, most lessons contain other links, such as Guided Notes, PyMol Modeling Links, and supplemental videos.

Please watch the short videos below to learn about the different features of the course and what you need to begin!

Additional Video Links: These short videos will orient you to the different learning materials and software resources that students use with each lesson.

Model kit overview: This video outlines the basic features of the custom model kit.

Model kit key PDF: Download and print this key to your custom model set.

PyMol tutorial: How to download and use PyMol. PyMol is a free for educational use software that requires download. Most lessons in the program area accompanied by files I have created, that can be viewed in PyMol. Using PyMol is optional, but highly encouraged so that students can view and explore biomolecules.

The following videos can be watched as you begin the program, but may be more appropriate once your student completes a few of the lessons.

How to build molecules in PyMol: You can watch this video once you are comfortable using PyMol to view structures and have completed lesson 7.

MolView tutorial: MolView is a free web-based molecule drawing program. Students can practice drawing molecules and rendering them in 3D with this software. Using MolView is optional, but highly encouraged so that students can practice drawing chemical structures.