Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our materials benefit students from all levels. Our focus has been on students grades 2-7, but the content benefits older students as well and we’ve taught students as young as age 6. The lessons we use with children are similar to the ones we’ve used with college students.

Our curriculum is flexible and addresses NGSS standards. We can work with your school to customize the materials to meet your needs.

Anyone with an interest in science can do a wonderful job implementing a Biochemistry Literacy for Kids program. The lessons show every logical step needed to understand basic concepts, and slowly build to more complex concepts. You do not need to be a chemist to teach this!

Yes! Parents from all around the world are now using Biochemistry Literacy for Kids curriculum. If you are a homeschool parent, or just want enrichment for your student, you can learn more about subscribing here.

This program is designed to run cheaply. Molecular modeling software educational licenses can be downloaded for free. The Molymod molecular modeling kits are often already available in schools, but we have worked with Molymod to create a custom kit that contains atom and bond pieces that are specific to our biochemistry emphasis. Please talk to us to discuss how many kits are needed for your students.

The models allow students to perform “hand held chemical reactions” and provide a fun, active learning experience that is totally safe and consumes no chemicals. We are currently creating a set of NGSS-aligned lessons which will accompany common K-12 science experiments. Stay posted!

This curriculum was created because we believe everyone should learn biochemistry, and we’ve taught hundreds of classes throughout the 5-year development of the project. We’ve never been funded by anything other than our licensing fees, which finance further development. Please contact me to discuss the number of students you will be instructing, and we will find an economical way to bring the program to your school. We have offered discounts for institutions working with marginalized populations and for learning research projects. Please contact us to discuss!

Contact us!

If you are an educator or parent interested in bringing our curriculum to your students, please contact us! We would love for more schools to take part in our STEM learning project.

If you are an academic interested in collaborating on research and development aspects of the project, we would also like to talk!