Whether your students are 5, 10, 15, or 20, the Biochemistry Literacy curriculum works! Enhance their learning through a visual and tactile approach to chemistry and biology.

Home School License

Bring the world of Biochemistry home!

Full curriculum and access to live support.

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Stem Science Curriculum

Custom Model Kits

Molymod kits optimized for Biochemistry Literacy

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Modeling Kit

School Licenses

Create a program for your class!

Great for remote learning or in person instruction.

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Homeschool License

Annual home school licenses are $99 and include full access to the Biochemistry Literacy
curriculum, including:

  • Narrated tutorial videos
  • Animated presentations
  • Molecular modeling files
  • Student worksheets
  • Invitation to monthly live remote learning Q&A sessions

Custom Model Kit

This MolyMod kit has been customized to support the Biochemistry Literacy curriculum.
The most important feature of the kit are pieces that model hydrogen bonding, which is responsible for holding the double helix of DNA together and for allowing proteins to fold.

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  • Continental US: $35 + $5 shipping
  • Other locations: Contact for shipping options
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School License

Annual school licenses include full access to the Biochemistry Literacy curriculum, plus:

  • One day of in-person remote professional development for teachers
  • Support throughout the program
  • One live remote learning session with each class section

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