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Stem Science Curriculum

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Stem Science Curriculum

molecular Model kit options

Custom model kit

Biochemistry focus

In the custom Biochemistry Literacy for Kids molymod kit, we have expanded the number of atom pieces, compared with the standard Molymod student kits, and added pieces that allow students to build bigger, and more interactive models of biomolecules.

Emphasis on hydrogen bonding

The main feature of the custom kit is the inclusion of 2-hold hydrogen pieces and 3D lone pair electron pieces, as well as 4-hole oxygen pieces, which allow a key biochemistry concept, hydrogen bonding, to be properly modeled. Molecules that included these pieces are also very helpful to model acid/base reactions. You can see these pieces in the photos here.

Standard kit option

The molymod MMS-008 Organic Chemistry Student Set is another option, and works great for most of the building exercises in the program. It is available from Amazon and other suppliers. For either the standard or custom option, we recommend one kit per 1-2 students.

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Subscribers gain access all animated presentations, thousands of slides in total. Teachers use the presentations to guide classroom discussion and help students understand complex concepts. 

Training videos

Each lesson is accompanied by a 20-50 minute narrated presentation screen cast. Teachers can hear how the lessons were intended to be delivered. Students can also learn directly from the videos.

Lesson resources

Lesson pages contain written instructor guides and lesson plans, printable student worksheets and assessment materials, and 3D modeling files, which are viewable using the free for educational use PyMol molecular modeling software.

Content and scope

Thousands of animated presentation slides are currently available covering topics from atomic structure to protein architecture. Content can be used to enhance NGSS-aligned lessons at any level.