Summer Camp Preregistration


See below for a full description of the camp.

*The summer institute is open to students who are experience with the Biochemistry Literacy curriculum. We recommended that you have completed at least half the proram by the time of the camp.

Preregistration, due November 1, is $100 per person. Full enrollment, which will be administered by Pingry, starting in November, will be accessible through the Pingry Signature Summer Camps link here. Currently, only the preregistration through the Biochemistry Literacy website is open, but the Pingry registration page will be open soon.

Preregister for the Biochemistry and Physics Literacy Summer Institute! The camp will happen at The Pingry School’s Pottersville Campus in beautiful rural New Jersey. We will have programming for both students and parents, with some combined events and an optional trip. Parents are encouraged to join the program, but are not required to. The cost of the camp is now $2500 per room. The $100 pre-registration will be credited to your family’s enrollment.

Summary of Fees: Preregistration, due November 1, is $100 per person. Full enrollment, which will be administered by Pingry through their Signature Summer Programs website, starts in November.

On-campus option: Full enrollment of $2500 will cover the cost of 1 studnet’s enrollment, food, and a 4-bed dorm room. Parents and non-participating siblings can stay in the room for free, with only a small added fee for linens. Family members who wish to eat on campus can do so for an additioinal fee. Food costs for family members are expected to be in the $400 range. A second participating sibling’s all inclusive enrollment will be $1500, if they share the room.

Off-campus option: For families wishing to stay off campus in a hotel or bed and breakfast, enrollment for a student will be $1200, which will include lunch and programming from 9:00 am-4:00 pm. Parents are responsible for housing, transportation, and other meals with this option.

Who can register? Any past or present Biochemistry Literacy students can register. If your student is new new to Biochemistry Literacy, they can also join the camp, provided they acquire foundational knowledge by the summer.

What is the camp? The camp will be held from July 2 to July 8. Students and parents will dorm at the Pottersville campus. Food and all activities are included in student’s enrollment. (Food for other family members will be an additional cost.) The student program will consist of biochemistry and physics laboratory experiences, led by Dr. Fried and Dr. Samadani, both former college professors, guest lectures, team building activities, and an optional trip to New York City. The parent program, led by Hui Jiang, a school psychologist an Ph.D. candidate, will consist of peer-led seminars and workshops on parenting, schools, and more. Parents and kids who are staying on campus will participate in evening activities and lectures together.

Where do participants stay? The Pottersville campus is a former girls boarding school, has dorm rooms with 4 beds each. Students and parents are encouraged to stay on campus, and accommodations can be organized when families fully enroll.  For students who dorm without their parents, overnight counselor supervision will be arranged.  All adults, including parents, who board at the camp must submit information to Pingry for a background check. This is the policy of Pingry to keep students safe on its campuses. This process will be administered to parents by Pingry before the camp begins.

Airport Transportation The recommended airport to Pottersville is Newark, NJ, although other New York area airports woul also be OK to use. Pingry may be able to help facilitate shuttle service to and from Newark airport. Once parents finalize their registration, we can discuss this. For families that choose to stay off campus, there are several hotels in surrouning towns. Pottersville campus is somewhat remote and is surrounded by horse farms. There is a general store walking distance from the campus.

The program is going to be amazing for the kids so I hope you consider attending! We are expecting families from all over the US and all over the world!