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Home School Case Study

Just sharing some sniplets of our homeschool journey. My daughter is continuing her biochemistry course which has taught her so much from learning about the octet rule, noble gas configuration, orbitals, why certain elements are more reactive than others, etc. This course has provided her with a lot of joy and a good amount of information, and it fills my heart with love when I see how much she enjoys to study. Happy Learning!
Camille C.
Home School Parent

What's included


Animated lecture slides guide classroom discussion and help students understand diverse concepts, from atomic structure to protein architecture.

Training videos and support

Narrated videos enable anyone learn to teach biochemistry, and  students can study directly from the videos. Parents and teachers get personal support to ensure student success.

Lesson materials

Printable guided notes, worksheets, and quizzes accompany each lesson. Downloadable 3D molecular modeling files are viewable on PyMol, a free and easy to use molecular modeling program.

Molecular model kits

Also included, free shipping of custom Molymod molecular modeling kits. Students use the models to build molecular structures and perform hand held chemical reactions. We can discuss how many kits you may need for your class.

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Frequently asked questions

Our materials benefit students of all levels, from elementary school, to middle school, to high school, and the curriculum has significant NGSS alignment. Students as young as first grade can learn biochemistry through the program! 

A one-year license is $250 per teacher, and a home school license is $99.99 per family.

Yes! You do not need to have a strong science background to teach this. The materials are designed for any student or teacher, regardless of age or knowledge base. Public school teachers and home school parents alike have succeeded in creating thriving Biochemistry Literacy programs for their students.

Knowing the atomic and molecular basis of the physical and biological world is needed to properly understand science, but chemistry is almost completely neglected in the lower grade levels. This is a huge missed opportunity. Biochemistry Literacy for Kids is my dream curriculum; it is the STEM course I wish I had in school. It helps students answer life’s big questions and provides a solid foundation to help students succeed in science, and have fun at the same time.

Yes! We have published peer-edited journal articles and posted several documentary videos showing how kids, just like yours, can learn college-level chemistry and biochemistry, all in a very short amount of time.