5 year old biochemistry

Remote learning 5 year old

I’ve begun work with a 5 year old over Skype, the youngest student ever to learn from the Biochemistry Literacy program. Even over Skype, it’s quite easy to teach him, and it seems that even at this age, high-level chemistry learning is accessible. I can confidently say that the Biochemistry Literacy curriculum is developmentally appropriate for kids 5 and up. The lesson structure I use is almost the same, whether the student is 5, 10, 15, or 20 years old. This may be seem surprising to some, but not for musicians! Learning how to plan an instrument is virtually the same, no matter your age. In fact, younger students take to music FASTER than adults. This is actually the premise of the whole project–that we should be focusing on the youngest students possible, because they are the most equipped to learn.